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Love For Music


Never seen someone look so happy over a pull up banner is what you are probably thinking :-) ......

Well......yes. I am happy about the banner but more happy about what it represents. 

And what is that you say? Well, you may have guessed it..MUSIC and the joy it brings :-)



When and how did your love of music come about? Did your hear a specific song when in the car as a child? Did your family or relatives play music in their homes? Or maybe, it was the first gig or concert you ever went to?

Music travels through us. Like waves breeding emotion depending on the type of song or the genre you are listening to and we carry this with us on a daily basis whether we realise it or not.


My love of music was rooted in previous family generations. As a child, i obviously didn't fully appreciate where music would have brought me or how it would remain part of me, like a limb.  I do now, and have done so for a long time.



There is so many genre's out there. Whats your favorite type of music to play when you pick up your instrument of choice?

Maybe it's Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Electronic or the vast range of alternative music that the world has to offer.



Maybe not right now, but why not try? What have you got to loose?

That's right. Nothing. But you have SO SO much to gain.



Be guided by your gut. What is it telling you?

  • Is it to play Guitar like Rory Gallagher or maybe like Dave Grohl
  • Drums like John Bohman of Led Zeppelin or Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam
  • Keyboard like Stevie Wonder
  • Or maybe it's something else and you have a lot to choose from


I played and recorded with many bands and traveled in Ireland and the UK gigging for years. I have sat in with other musicians from various backgrounds and do you know what? I am still learning to play my instruments of choice which are Guitar & Drums. You never stop learning when you are a musician. That's one of the things i love so much about it and so could you.

Never forget, everyone had to start from zero...



There is a great community that musicians or musical people bring to people in terms of entertainment (albeit not so much in recent months but we will move forward and find new ways of entertaining and playing /performing together).

There is no better feeling that playing music with other like-minded people and with those who share that passion.

Be it in a Band, 2-Piece groups, Singer-Songwriters, Choirs, Theatre groups, Session Players, Music tutors, Music Academies and the list goes on and on.

Be part of something great and go pick up that guitar that has being sitting in the spare room for years or reach out to someone you know who plays an instrument.

We are also on hand if you need some advice so feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you ignite your passion for music.



So check in next week where we will provide you with a FREE guide Teaching yourself how to play Guitar at home. We will provide you with all you need to get started including the Different Guitar Types, Basic chords with diagrams, Basic Rhythm patterns & more.



So the banner, yes the banner arrived today. I will probably sit and look at if for the rest of the night thinking of the plans we have for Musko Music Store and how we go about putting them into action.



So for those of you new to Musko Music Store or reading this blog. We are a small Family run Online store based in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

It's just me, my wife Laura and our two boys (who are also budding musicians). That's it. 

When you buy from us, you are buying from a family run store. No directors or third part investors just simply a family run store who are passionate about all things music



New products are added every day. In fact we have hundredths more to add!

A lot of them are being added quickly as and when people ask us so if you can't see what you need just ask and we will add normally same day. Keep them inquiries coming on email, Facebook, Instagram.



So that's it for now. Thanks for reading our blog and hopefully we will see you back here. Don't forget to check back for our FREE guide next week

I hope to speak to some of you through our store or social channels soon!


Take care,

Paddy & Family.





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