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Music Shop Clonmel

As myself, also musician from Clonmel, I have seen a number of music stores/shops open and close over the years. Unfortunately, all physical Brick & Mortar stores in the area have now closed. ....This is part of the reason Musko Music Store was born. To be able to support local musicians like myself. To support tutors, music students, parents & schools. To be able to offer local supply and support when required.


In the 80's when i was growing up in Clonmel, i recall two music stores. I remember Joe O' Malley (Or Joe Malley as we knew him) having a store in Gladstone street . My sister worked there part-time. Joe was a childhood friend of my dads and so the family knew him. I recall going to his shop upstairs in Gladstone street and being mesmerized by the range of instruments there. Joe, a talented Guitarist himself, would leave you alone so that you could look around. There was never any pressure.

The second store was Mary Morris music shop on Nelson Street, Clonmel. A small store but with some good products for the time. I recall my parents buying me my first drum kit there.  A white 5-piece Maxtone drum kit with a black Pearl crash cymbal! Why Black? I really don't know. I must have thought it was pretty cool in the Pearl catalog at the time !! :-) Mary's store unfortunately closed when i was in my teens.

Then came Premier Music Store which was opened by another local musician Pat Doheny. Pat along with Pascal Kavanagh, who also worked in the store (and an excellent bass player himself) were well known in the town and offered a great service and support to locals.

Pat opened his first store in O' Connell street, later to move to a bigger premises just next door. For anyone that knows Pat, he is a gentleman. You could go into the store for a chat about what was new in the Musical Instrument / Equipment world to talking about music and musicians in general. Pat has a passion for music and is very easy going hence the store did so well for 20+ years. Unfortunately, Pat closed the store in 2017. 

Another store did open in Mitchell street, Clonmel for a short time but unfortunately, didn't last there very long.

Having a local music store is important to every town within Ireland. Ireland is full of talented musicians from Bedroom musicians to live performers, singer-songwriters and more. What about schools? Most schools have a music education program or offer extra-curricular activities for interested kids where Music and Art might be their preferred activity. Same with local music schools and tutors sharing their talent with the community,

However, due to rates and other expenses a brick and mortar store is not always affordable to the music store owner.  Margins are not high for all products so i thought about this for a while and chatted it over with my wife, who works in online marketing but understands from visiting more shops with me over the years how important a music shop is to musicians etc.

Then after working on and researching the idea for months, contacting potential distributors, suppliers and wholesalers, i started to put the foundations in place. Even today, after launching Musko Music Store online only last week 01/07/2020, i am still in negotiation with potential distributors & suppliers to try and bring products to Musko Music Store, so that i can offer them to musicians both in Clonmel, Tipperary and across Ireland. It can be slow progress but fun also. Passion has played a lead role in doing this, otherwise i would have given up earlier in the process!

Yes, we are mainly online because Musko is run on a part-time basis (at least from my point of view) as day to day i work in a completely different industry.  However, the online store runs 24/7, 365 days. It's a family run store so it's not just me. It's my wife & my sons so also help out day to day. There is always someone there to support customers through the online store.


So what about a local store? Yes, we want too bring it locally too. So we have decided, and this is based on feedback from local musicians and tutors, to open  a Pop-Up shop once a week on a Saturday morning in Clonmel. The location is yet to be decided but we are hoping to do this before the end of August 2020.

So on a Saturday morning, you will be able to buy the necessary items like strings, plectrums, tuners, drum sticks, mics, stands etc . We will also have one or two guitars for demo and maybe an amp or two. However, we will be available to discuss requirements with customers, placed orders there and then and have the items delivered for the next week or direct to your house if you prefer through the online delivery service.

We want to breed some form of music store back into the great town of Clonmel, where we have an excellent array of talented musicians, tutors, teachers, performers and more.


We look forward to meeting you either online or at our Saturday Pop-Up shop.

More information on the Pop-Up shop will be announced in the next few weeks

Any questions or inquiries then please email us or check us out on Instagram @shopmusko


Thanks for reading,

Paddy & Family

Musko Music Store

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  • This is a great idea for a town as big as Clonmel..This town has many renowned and well known musicians over the years.
    Banna Cluain Meala is another great inspiration for the young and all those who have been and are members at present.Clonmel lost Karl Weiss early this year..he was well known for repairing musical instruments.
    Best of luck with this new venture wishing u only tons of success with it. I look forward to attending your shop as I have many musicians in my household..Therese.

    Therese Fennessy

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