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Uke Can Do It!

Covid-19 has impacted everyone's lives, without doubt.

Bringing new awareness for day to day things that we would have 7 months ago, taken for granted. But, we move forward and adapt as necessary.

So the kids went back to school and there was big changes in store for them. One major change in the school environment is music and what instruments can and cannot be taught. No Singing, No Recorder or Tin Whistle.... So What now?

Piano, Violin, Guitar are all unaffected which is a relief!  But what about Ukulele?

The small stringed instrument with Hawaiian Origins has become a very popular Instrument for a number of reasons....

1. It sounds awesome

2. Easy to Learn / Easy to Teach

3. Small & Portable

4. Suitable for kids & adults


In the last few weeks, we have being asked to put packages together for Schools & Groups.

We have a huge range of Ukuleles available from Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone types. Whats the difference you say? 

It's the size and the tuning.


So for kids in primary school, then the Soprano is normally the go to size. For older kids (with larger hands / longer fingers) in Secondary School / Transition Year Students, then the Tenor or Baritone is the best fit.

Starting with the Ukulele | t.blog


For Schools or Beginners, we recommend the Octopus Ukuleles. They are really well crafted (Designed in the UK) and discount is available for quantities.


Octopus Ukulele


We also offer the Koda range, again these are well priced and discount is available for quantities.


Image preview


We know Schools work on tight budgets so If you order from us, we will also supply the following FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Chord Charts for the Classroom Wall 
  • Plectrums Pack
  • Master Chord Book 


Want to know more or if you have a brand preference, then contact us at sales@shopmusko.com and we would be happy to help.







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